Willow Travertine
willow travertine brushed paving

willow travertine
                 Willow Travertine - Brushed Paving 

Willow Travertine’s richly colored and patterned composition is a refreshing alternative to traditional beige travertines. The deep brown, gold, and rust tones have the richness of a willow tree’s bark or well worn leather which can be further enhanced by a variety of finish options such as Brushed, Honed, Filled & Honed, and Tumbled.

Used extensively since the Roman Empire, travertine is one of the oldest and most versatile natural building stones.  Valued for both its beauty and outstanding durability, it is used today for a wide range of indoor and outdoor residential and commercial applications. Travertine is a form of limestone, created when minerals in ancient streams and hot springs are compressed.  The result of this natural geological process is a structure of solids and voids woven throughout the stone.  When fabricated, the inherent voids can be left open for a more rustic appearance or filled for a more refined finished product.


• Commercial Paving
• Residential Paving
• Full Depth Veneer
• L Shaped Corners
• Architectural Items


Hal McCullough,
Sales and Project Management

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