Vieux Monde Limestone
Vieux Monde Limestone Paving
Vieux Monde Limestone Paving

Vieux Monde is an exceptional paving option that authentically recreates the look of antique reclaimed materials.  A blend of fine French limestones from Burgundy are combined with a variety of randomly applied finishes such as Tumbled, Bush-hammered, Brushed, Hand Honed, and Hand Chipped Edges.  Vieux Monde is available in a Random Running Bond pattern composed of two course widths by random lengths. The resulting combination has a distinctive and rich patina traditionally achieved only through many years of use.



  • Conceptually, Vieux Monde is designed to offer the look of an Antique or Reclaimed French Limestone at a fraction of the price.
  • In the standard full range blend, Vieux Monde combines five complementary French limestones in the approximate percentages:  Stone 1 – 25%; Stone 2 – 25%; Stone 3 - 20%; Stone 4 – 15%; Stone 5 – 15%.
  • Four unique finishes are applied randomly over the five stones to create the standard blend:  Finish A – 30%; Finish B – 30%; Finish C – 20%; Finish D – 20%.
  • Two standard patterns are available:   Random Running Bond with two course width options 11¾” and 15¾” x random lengths 12”-26”; or 4-piece Repeating Versailles pattern.
  • The standard thickness is 2cm (3/4” +/-); however, 3cm (1-1/4" +/-) and 4cm (1-1/2” +/-) thicknesses are also available for specialty items such as stair treads, copings, and caps.

  • Some amount of customization to the standard blend is possible.  Stones and finishes both can be increased, decreased, or deleted as requested; however, changes to the blend may affect the pricing.

Click here to go to our Vieux Monde Limestone web page. Contact us for more information on this new paving stone.

Vieux Monde Limestone Paving

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