St. Albain Limestone - Special Selection
St. Albain Select Limestone
                St. Albain Limestone Paving

In its full color range, the warm ochre and caramel tones of St. Albain limestone are often interrupted by concentrated areas of plum shadowing and strong purple veining. The harmonious hues - absent of plum or purple - throughout the paving of this featured project demonstrate Maiden Stone's ability to sort to a highly specific selection within a given material. Avoiding less desirable characteristics based on the client's criteria ensures a successful result that supports, rather than interferes with, the overall look and design intent of a project.


• Commercial Paving
• Residential Paving
• Thin Veneer
• L Shaped Corners
• Architectural Items
• Freeze Thaw Veneer


Hal McCullough,
Sales and Project Management
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