Single Stone Sourcing - Ironwood Sandstone
Ironwood Sandstone stairs, fireplace, pavers

An effortless way to ensure consistency across the stone work on any project is to single source the stone and then vary its applications and finish treatments. By working with the same base material, the general color palette and character of the stone will always be in complete harmony, even as the use of the stone changes. At Maiden Stone, we specialize in materials that are as versatile as they are beautiful. In the project featured here, our Ironwood Sandstone is masterfully used throughout the landscape for solid stair blocks, pool copings, a monolithic fireplace surround, tumbled cobblestone, and stepping stones for a comprehensive and coherent whole.


• Residential Paving
• Full Depth Veneer
• Thin Veneer
• L Shaped Corners
• Dry Stack Landscape Walls
• Freeze Thaw Veneer
• Freeze Thaw Paving


Hal McCullough,
Sales and Project Management
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