Miral Limestone
miral limestone
           Miral Limestone Veneer - Split Face Finish
Miral Limestone Paving
                Miral Limestone Cross Cut Paving

Similar to the grain found in wood, stone can also have a well-defined vein direction when quarried. The appearance of these types of stones will vary depending on whether cut with or against this vein. Though subtle, the pattern created by the faint grey and cream tones that make up our Miral Limestone will appear either more linear when vein cut, or more floral when cross cut.  The material; however, is non-directional when chopped or split. Miral is suitable for all climates and applications ranging from interior and exterior paving, pool copings, vertical wall veneer and caps, and custom carved applications.


 • Commercial Paving
• Residential Paving
• Full Depth Veneer
• Thin Veneer
• L Shaped Corners
• Architectural Items
• Freeze Thaw Veneer
• Freeze Thaw Paving


Hal McCullough,
Sales and Project Management

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