Metamorphosis - from Quarry to Installation
Metamorphosis - From Quarry to Installation
Aegean Limestone

Once a stone has been selected and all specifications have been confirmed, a transformative process begins.  Starting with the extraction of the raw blocks at the quarry, the stone then moves through successively more refined steps of fabrication and finishing until it is ready to be shipped to its final destination and installed.  Whatever the ultimate application—paving, wall veneer, or dimensional cut to size elements—the evolution of stone from the earth to custom finished goods is a highly specialized and time-honored industry where skill regularly intersects with artistry.


• Commercial Paving
• Residential Paving
• Full Depth Veneer
• Thin Veneer
• L Shaped Corners
• Architectural Items
• Freeze Thaw Veneer
• Freeze Thaw Paving


Hal McCullough,
Vice President

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