Limestone for Residential and Commercial Projects
Foulard Limestone Veneer
                      Foulard Limestone Veneer

Maiden Stone offers more than 25 varieties of limestone in their extensive collection of natural building stone. Each is carefully chosen to fulfill the varied needs of custom architectural residential and commercial projects throughout North America.

Limestone is easy to work with, so it can be used for many applications: interior and exterior paving, rough cut or cut to size veneer, as well as architectural elements such as carved moldings, columns, and fireplaces surrounds.

Available in a wide range of colors, from creamy white Bellmeade Limestone and beautiful golden-buff Carmel Cream Limestone to the dark tones of Belgian Blue Limestone.  

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Calvados Grey Limestone Veneer Carmel Cream Limestone Veneer
  Calvados Grey Limestone Veneer, Piers and Balusters                 Carmel Cream Limestone Veneer
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