Compound Radius Stone Arch Assemblies
carved arches
arch detail
stone arch detail

Beautifully carved or cut-to-size architectural details have the ability to transform a project into a true work of art.  Whether designed to stand out or integrate seamlessly with the surrounding stone work, carved details add refinement and depth to any stone installation.  These details, as shown here in our Carmel Cream Select Limestone, demonstrate the high level of complexity and precision that can be achieved when working in many of our quarried block limestones.

 The most intricate and complex carving on this particular project was unquestionably the classically profiled surrounds of the compound through-arches in the lower walls of a main floor exterior pergola.  Each 8’ wide by 10’ high arch surround was comprised of an interior and exterior molding assembly and a jamb and lintel fill in between.  While the fabrication of the straight sections the supported the arch were relatively straightforward, the arches themselves were radiused in both plan and section which meant the arches essentially twisted in space as they sprang from each side to meet in the middle.  The only way the ensure a perfect fit between pieces was to cut rough blanks that were the correct radius in both plan and elevation and lay them on a solid, mocked up base that exactly matched the field conditions.  A computer programmed bridge saw then cut thousands of parallel kerf cuts to achieve the continuous ribbon of adjacent molding or lintel pieces.  Once this lengthy cutting process was completed, the decorative profiles were applied to the face of each the pieces of the molding assemblies. All finishing of the resulting highly carved surrounds was done by hand to ensure a perfect fit from piece to piece.  The entire process to first draw and then fabricate the arches (including trial and error and chin scratching) took well over four months; however, the result was definitely high-impact and stunning stone work!


Hal McCullough,
Sales and Project Management

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