Almande Sandstone

Almande Sandstone Splitface Veneer

Almande Sandstone - Splitface Veneer

Almande Sandstone Veneer
Almande Sandstone Splitface Veneer

Rich hues of desert tans and buffs come together to form Almande Sandstone-a beautifully active, yet completely harmonious building and landscape stone. Unlike other layered sandstone materials, Almande is a quarried block sandstone that is capable of being precision fabricated to exacting tolerances.  As such, this distinctive sandstone can be used in the same types of wide-ranging formats and applications traditionally reserved for limestones.


• Commercial Paving
• Residential Paving
• Full Depth Veneer
• Thin Veneer
• L Shaped Corners
• Architectural Items
• Freeze Thaw Veneer
• Freeze Thaw Paving



Hal McCullough,
Vice President

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