Ginny Capo

Ginny Capo is known for her “hands on” approach.  She is a firm believer that you need the proper foundation before the “pretty stuff” happens.

Ginny was born and raised in Long Beach, New York.  After graduating from Ohio University with a degree in Arts and Communication, she began her career in the fashion industry working in New York City.  Her background in fashion yielded a deep attention to detail and an ability to work with a team, both efficiently and creatively, to produce the optimum solution to reflect the client’s vision.   

In the late 1990’s, Ginny lived in Kenya and while there, traveled extensively throughout Africa, India and Europe, which instilled in her an appreciation for the diverse architecture and design sensibility unique to each culture.  In 2001 she moved back to the United States and opened a highly successful boutique that showcased specialty furniture, fabrics and full service custom interior and exterior design services.   The connections she formed with architects and designers during this time stimulated her creative inclination even further and led her to form yet another successful business that focused solely on consulting, resourcing, overseeing and conceptualizing interior and exterior design projects. 

Ginny comes to Maiden Stone with a high level of entrepreneurial expertise and a wealth of design, collaboration and life experience.  She is based in Santa Monica, California and will serve the needs of our clients throughout the western region of the United States.

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